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The Association of Certified Chartered Data Scientists (ACCDS) was founded on the premise of the high demand for Data Scientists and also due to the need to maintain the reputation of the industry through ethical professional standards. ACCDS has Data Science professional Development paths in business, economics, health, governance, energy, accounting, finance, cyber security, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Association of Certified Chartered Data Scientists (ACCDS)-Intelligence in Data.

Our Mission

ACCDS is a body of Data Scientists, ensuring high professional standards in data, machine learining and practice for universally friendly life systems.

Our Plan

To be the Leading Umbrella body for the Association of Certified Chartered Data Scientists (ACCDS).


Our Vision

ACCDS is to be the global body of Data Scientists in learning, novel technologies, professional standards and practices.


1. Data Analytics and Consultancy
2. A platform for data science job seekers
3. Organizing conferences and seminars for data science professional
4. An institution for training and certifying data scientists
5. A platform for Data science journal and research publications
6. Authorizing institution for data science training and professional conducts
7. Supporting governments, Agencies and Institutions in Data System Applications
 and Management
8. Support for Women and Minors in data science

Call To Action

Call To Action

Our Skills

Data Science100%
Artificial Intelligence90%
Cyber Security75%
ICT Support55%


We drive knowledge into data intelligence, protect and govern practices of our ACCDS members in good standing




Certified Chartered Data Scientists Members


Certified Data Scientists Members


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Accra Ghana

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+23330 396 4997


+233 27 749 8903

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